Hello, and thanks for stopping by! We're so glad you're here and we'd love to tell you a bit of Bright Owl's story...


It all started because of a little girl...  A few years ago God challenged me to start preparing to adopt a child and one of the things I had to figure out was how to use my graphic design skills in a way that would allow me to be at home with my daughter. A bit of research showed that, while there are many beautiful things for adults, there was little in the way of well-designed paper products for children in South Africa, and so Bright Owl Paper Goods was born.

In July 2015 I finally got to bring her home and it was the beginning of an amazing adventure! As I found my feet in the role of mother, I started realising that in order for Bright Owl Paper Goods to continue flourishing, I needed to make some adjustments.

Thankfully, Celeste was excited to join me on the journey and these days we're figuring things like printing, parenting and wholesale pricing out together!


There are moments in life when you're given a glimpse of beauty and creativity that can't be explained by mere logic. Since I met Elke through our church community I knew that if I could ever have the opportunity to learn at the hand of a mentor, I would choose her. 

I can clearly remember a coffee date in 2012 when she started thinking (out loud) about adopting and also about Bright Owl Paper Goods. Her story clicked with something in my own heart. God walked an interesting road with me and four years later my husband and I have become parents to our little boy via adoption. This journey has forced me to challenge what I've grown to see as 'normal' and step out into the beautiful unknown. I realised that being creative has less to do with one's abilities and more with the honest reflection of what the Creator inspires one with.

Becoming part of the Bright Owl family has been one of those exciting steps, and I dream that our simple reflections will inspire the little hearts that look upon them.

Please say hi if you'd like to know more!

Thank you for the photos Lizelle Lötter!